Arbeitspakete für studierende

Work packages for students

Students interested in hands-on experience and applying their academic knowledge are encouraged to take on these work packages.

If you're keen to express interest, apply for a work package, or seek more details, please contact us.

It's up to you to decide whether the task aligns with your skills and interests. If you lack experience in the highlighted fields (in BLUE), seize the opportunity to learn with us.
Don't worry; the primary requirement is motivation. This journey is all about learning and growing

Upon successful and timely completion of the designated work package, and if the specified outcomes are met, a certificate will be issued to the individual responsible for the task. This certificate stands as an official recognition of the individual's diligence, skill, and commitment to the project.

WS2023/2024 Tasks:


Finalization of the 2023_2024 Design Report

Delivery Deadline: 30th. Dec

Ref. 0001


Creation of Comprehensive Circuit Diagrams for the Rig

Delivery Deadline: 30th. Feb

Ref. 0002


Development of Vibration Measurement Unit for the Rig

Delivery Deadline: 30th. Feb

Ref. 0003


Development of Steering Controller for PTB System Downhole

Delivery Deadline: 30th. Jan

Ref. 0004


Development & Integration of Weight-On-Bit (WOB) Module

Delivery Deadline: 30th. Jan

Ref. 0005


Development of Magnetic Field Azimuth Measurement Module

Deadline: Feb 1st